Beckmann's Founding Principles


One of our four French dough mixers. The big and slow forks treat the dough extra gently.

Our Passion

We are passionate about baking!  From our first day of business in November 1985, we have been dedicated to bringing artisan breads and natural products to our local markets.  Our breads have a distinctive flavor, which is created by a long, traditional fermentation process using ingredients you can pronounce.  We do not use anything that is genetically modified (“GMO’s”).  Nor do we use chemical additives to enhance flavor, add shelf life, or speed up our production process. You can taste our commitment to honest baking!


Staff Of Life is one of our long time grocery partners



Our Partners

We thrive in the market environments which allow us to display our fresh natural breads.  We are dedicated to helping our partners meet the needs of their customers.


Our Company

Our company is our people.  We depend on everyone’s energy, expertise and enthusiasm to make it succeed.  We collaborate to create new products, make day-to-day decisions, meet our customer’s needs and set new directions for the business.


Beckmann's is a Clean Ocean Business


Our Community

We care about our community.  This is where we live.  We support our community by contributing our bread to those around us, focusing on organizations that promote health and welfare, education and the environment.



Beckmann's is a proud Charter Member of Think Local First, County of Santa Cruz


Our Independence

We are an independently owned and operated business by choice with three owners,  Peter Beckmann (founder), Sharon May (founder), Beth Holland CEO.  Hard work, stewardship of our resources, and the loyalty of our customers and employees are the focus of our business decisions.


We invite you to be nourished by the products we bake and the intention with which we make them.