Beckmann's Farmbread


What is dietary fiber?

Dietary fiber is indigestible plant matter that is left in the intestinal tract after digestion. Different types of plants have varying amounts and kinds of fiber that fall into two general categories: soluble and insoluble fiber. Some plants contain both kinds of fiber.  Soluble fiber binds with fatty acids and lowers total cholesterol as well as slows the release and absorption of sugars. Insoluble fiber moves bulk through the intestines as well as regulates and balances the pH(acidity) of the intestines.   Soluble fiber can be found in dried beans and peas, oat/ oat bran, fruits (oranges and apples) and vegetables (carrots).  Insoluble fiber can be found in wheat bran, whole grains, vegetables (dark green leafy vegetables) and beans, seeds and nuts.

FDA definitions

  • High Fiber:  5 g or more per serving         
  •  Good source of fiber:  2.5 g to 4.9 g per serving        
  •  More or added fiber:  At least 2.5 g more per serving than the reference food (FDA list)


Beckmann's products that are good sources of fiber:

German Farmbread (round), Honey Whole Wheat, Pure Rye.

Whole Grain Natural Bread Co.'s products that are good sources of fiber:

Whole Wheat, Oat Bran, Apple Cinnamon, Black Bread, Nine Grain, Marble Rye.


About Organic

In the United States, certified organic food is grown according to standards that are set by the National Organic Program which is overseen by the USDA. These standards state that the production of such food will be done without the use of most conventional pesticides. Fertilizers used will not be made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge. Bioengineering and ionizing radiation is also banned in the production of organic food.

Before an agricultural product can be labeled "organic", the farm where a product is grown must be inspected by a USDA accredited certifier. The inspector makes sure the farmer is meeting all of the standards set forth by the USDA in order to approve the organic certification. Handlers and processors of food labeled "organic" must also be inspected and certified.

Beckmann's Bakery produces some breads that are "Certified Organic" and  "Made with Organic Flour". Our bakery is inspected and certified annually by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). The ingredients used in the production of these breads come from suppliers and farms that also have been inspected and certified organic.

Beckmann's "Certified Organic" breads:

Pure Rye.

Beckmann's breads "Made with Organic Flour:"

Francese (sandwich loaf), French Whole Wheat, Honey Whole Wheat.

Whole Grains

Definition of "Whole Grains"  by the Whole Grains Council:

Whole grains or foods made from them contain all the essential parts and naturally occuring nutrients of the entire grain seed (the germ, the bran and the endorsperm).


The grain mill with hard winter wheat

If the grain has been processed (e.g. cracked, crushed, rolled, extruded and/ or cooked), the food product should deliver approximately the same balance of nutrients as in the original grain seed.

FDA-recommended daily serving:

3 Servings of Whole Grains is the recommended daily amount.

How much is a serving?

A serving of whole grains is either 16 grams (16g) of a 100% whole grain food or a serving of food that contains at least 16 grams (16g) of whole grain ingredient(s).

Breads that contain whole grains:


Grams of Whole Grain Per Slice

Percent of Whole Grain of Total Weight

Honey Whole Wheat 25 g 58.14 %
Pure Rye 33 g 57.89 %
Swiss Three Seed 15 g 34.88 %
French Whole Wheat 14 g 32.56
Farmbread  (round) 9 g 20 %
Farmbread (batard) 6 g 19.35 %

Whole Grain Natural Bread Co.

Grams of Whole Grain Per Slice

Percent of Whole Grain of Total Weight

Whole Wheat 35 g 70 %
Oat Bran 33 g 66 %
Nine Grain 23 g 46 %
Black Bread 19 g 38 %
Marble Rye 13 g 26 %
Apple Cinnamon 11 g 16.67 %
Walnut Cinnamon 8 g 16 %
Great White 7 g 14 %

Low Fat

The FDA definition of  "Low Fat" is 3 grams or less of fat per servings.
All of Beckmann's breads are "Low Fat" with the exception of:    
Swiss Three Seed and the Sweet Deli Roll.

All of Whole Grain Natural Bread Co.'s breads are "Low Fat."

Low Sodium  

The FDA definition of Low Sodium  is 140 milligrams or less of sodium per serving.
Beckmann's "Low Sodium" breads are:

German Farmbread (batard), California Sourdough (batard), Oat Bran, 3 Seed Sourdough Petite (full bake and home bake), Sourdough Petite (full bake and home bake), Whole Wheat Sour Petite (home bake), Francese (baguette).

Whole Grain Natural Bread Co.'s "Low Sodium" products are:

Walnut Cinnamon.

Sugar Free    

With the exception of Swiss Three Seed, Honey Whole Wheat, Sweet Deli Rolls, and Holiday Rolls all of Beckmann's breads are sugar free.    
All of the breads in the Whole Grain Natural Bread Co.'s line contain honey.                 

Wheat Free  

Beckmann's Pure Rye is wheat free.  
All other breads in the Beckmann's and the Whole Grain Natural Bread Co.'s line contain wheat.           

Whole Wheat   

FDA Definition of "Whole Wheat:"

"Cereal grains that consist of the intact and unrefined, ground, cracked or flaked fruit of the grains whose principal components - the starchy endosperm, germ and bran - are present in the same relative proportions as they exist in the intact grain."                            

Breads that contain whole wheat:

Beckmann's Whole Grain Natural Bread Co.
Farmbread Old Fashioned Whole Wheat
French Whole Wheat Great White
Honey Whole Wheat Oat Bran
Swiss Three Seed Apple Cinnamon Swirl
Whole Wheat Sourdough California Black
  Walnut Cinnamon Raisin
  Marble Rye
  Hearty Nine Grain