Questions From Our Market Customers






What is your healthiest bread?

It depends on what nutrients are most important to you.  Lower sodium?  Least calories?  Most fiber?  Low carbohydrates?  Check out out wellness page!

Which farmers’ markets do you go to?

Check out our Farmers Market Locator.

Do you have a store near my farmers’ market?

We don’t have any retail shops, but you can get our bread at grocery stores all over the Bay Area.  Farmers’ markets are the only place you will find our pastries, pies, cookies and specialty breads like Cheese Twists and Jalapeno Cheese Bread.

Do you make fat-free or sugar-free cookies, pies, etc.?

We do not.  We make our pastries with classic ingredients.  The only fats we use in our pastries are sweet unsalted butter and canola oil.

You used to make this bread/ pie/ pastry I loved. Why did you stop?

Unfortunately, the reality is we can’t afford to make breads or pastries that don’t sell well.  Sometimes that means a great bread with a small dedicated following can’t be continued.  (We miss those great breads too!)

Do you have nutrition facts for bear claws, cinnamon rolls, foccacia etc.?

We have not had nutritional information calculated for any of our pastries or breads we sell only at the farmers’ markets.

Can I make a special order for my birthday, wedding, roller-derby playoffs, etc.?

Absolutely!  Ask the marketeer at your market to place a special order for you.  You can also call the bakery.  Please call in advance (five days is best) and we will call back to confirm. Phone (831) 423-9242 ext 36.