May 2014 Newsletter

                                                                 Tuesday, May 6, 2o14
Farm Bread: A German Tradition


Beckmann’s German Farm Bread has been one of the staple breads since the inception of our bakery. In Germany, under the name of “Weizen Mischbrot” it belongs to the basic breads one finds in just about every bakery in the country. The distinctive flavor comes from the dark rye flour and our signature wheat sourdough. This combination contributes to a long shelf life and a special flavor that becomes more subtle as time goes on. The German Farm Bread can be stored in the freezer for two months, in the refrigerator for several weeks, and in the bread box with the plastic bag open for up to one week.

Peter Beckmann


Black Forest Ham and Swiss Cheese on Farm Bread

     Black Forest ham, or Schwarzwalder Schinken in German is a variety of dried-cured smoked ham produced in the Black Forest region of Germany. 


       Beckmann's Bakery German Farm Bread


Mauricio Puga, Head Baker

     In Mauricio's 25 years on the job at Beckmann's Bakery he has seen and done it all. When Mauricio started in 1990, he was a mere 17 years old. "I started working nights", Mauricio recalls, "and all the bakery had was a small mixer, a few scales and 5 employees. I started baking at 3:00 then helped to package the bread”   read more...                                                                Mauricio c.1995


                Artisan Toast?

                                  By Devin Quinn

   Since the beginning of this year, the equally derided and divisive trend in the Bay Area food scene that has been getting attention is artisan toast. Made with thickly sliced, handmade bread, slathered with locally sourced nut or fruit spread, and possibly topped with flakes of sea salt, several eateries around San Francisco have gained notoriety for serving the intriguing new food phenomenon and famously charging $4 a slice read more....

        Toasted Honey Whole Wheat

So you think you know how to make the perfect toast?