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Our Beautiful Farm Bread


      The Farm Bread has always been a favorite and we are happy we can still provide it when a customer moves out of town. Thanks for the review Ron! And as always we love hearing from you all. 

 Ron L.  


      I got hooked on this bread at the various Farmers Markets around the Bay Area. I recently moved to Kansas and consumed my last loaf thinking it was last time I would enjoy the bread I have come to love. Before throwing away the package I noticed a link the Beckmann's website. To my delight I found I could order the bread online. DEO GRATIAS!

Twenty Eight Years of Baking


     This year Beckmanns Bakery Celebrated 28 years of baking and honored 7 employees for their dedication. This years honorees also included Jim Morris, Leo Ortiz, Juan Vasquez (10 years); and Blanca  Reyes, Rafael Hernandez,  Alvaro Perez (20 years).  At Beckmanns  we have dedicated, long term group of employees that have made the bakery what it is today.  


Happy Holidays!

News- January 2011

The new year at Beckmann's starts out with big changes in our production department. To create a more uniform and streamlined production process, we are installing an overhead proofer. This consists of a big, enclosed conveyor belt that enables the individual dough pieces to rest a few minutes between the different forming stages. All of our round sourdough loaves, for example, receive a first rounding in a conical rounder, then wander through the overhead proofer to "relax" a bit before they go through a second and final rounding. This ensures a tight dough surface during the ensuing 12-hour rising time.

Beckmann's Awarded "Best Pumpkin Pie"

Our farmers' market managers did it: Tony Stumbaugh and Scot Adam baked the nation's best pumkin pie. Read more here and stop by at one of our markets for one of our award winning pies.

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