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Our Beautiful Farm Bread


      The Farm Bread has always been a favorite and we are happy we can still provide it when a customer moves out of town. Thanks for the review Ron! And as always we love hearing from you all. 

 Ron L.  


      I got hooked on this bread at the various Farmers Markets around the Bay Area. I recently moved to Kansas and consumed my last loaf thinking it was last time I would enjoy the bread I have come to love. Before throwing away the package I noticed a link the Beckmann's website. To my delight I found I could order the bread online. DEO GRATIAS!

A Thank You From The Farmers' Markets


Dear Pie Lovers,

I want to thank everyone who chose Beckmann’s pies for their Thanksgiving dinner. It is an honor to be trusted to help make your friends’ and families’ holiday special. After all, without a great pie or two to finish the meal, where would America be?The unofficial mission statement of the Beckmann’s farmers’ market team is to “make people happy with our wonderful baked goods.” Judging by the number of people who come back and pre-order pie year after year, we seem to be succeeding. Furthermore, word is spreading. We were able to bring more pie into more homes than ever before.

Thank you to everyone who has given us so much positive feedback at the market, through phone calls and emails. It all makes our jobs very gratifying. People are starting to ask if we are still making our seasonal, award-winning Classic Pumpkin Pie and Rum-Laced Pecan Pie. We are and will be through January, so pick up yours at your local farmers' market this week.

Thankfully Yours,

Scot Adam

Farmers’ Market Manager

Beckmann’s Old World Bakery

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