What else goes well with our breads?

Beyond Bread And Butter

What goes together better than bread and butter?  Well, nothing.  But if you want to go a step beyond, you may need a professional bread judge (PBJ) to help you pair up those combos.  Which bread to use?  Here are some of the PBJ’s faves.


Peanut butter and jelly/honey:  100% Whole Wheat,  Whole Grains California Black


Turkey Avocado:  Swiss 3-Seed,  Whole Grains Hearty 9-Grain


Grilled Vegetables:  Asiago Cheese Sourdough,  German Farmbread


Ham and Cheese:  Jalapeno Cheese Bread,  Whole Wheat Sourdough


Tuna Salad:  California Sourdough,  Whole Grains Oat Bran


Grilled Cheese:  3-Seed Sourdough,  Whole Grains Great White


BLT:  Asiago Cheese Sourdough,  Whole Grains Old Fashion Whole Wheat


Pastrami:  Francese Deli Rolls,  Whole Grains Marble Rye


Toast:  Go for it! They all rock!



Home Bakes:  Dinner Rolls or Petite Baguettes

Foccacia (Tomato, Pesto, or Asiago)

Cheese Twists (Cheddar, Garlic Rosemary, or Jalapeno).

See our section on how to prepare these items (link).  They are amazing hot off the grill!


Bruscetta:  Francese Baguette, 3-Seed Sourdough Petite Baguette. Check out our bruscetta recipe (link)   


French Toast:  Whole Grains Apple Cinnamon, Whole Grains Walnut Cinnamon, Francese Baguette, Organic Francese Loaf.  Check out our french toast recipe.

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