Frequently Asked Questions

Freezing is an excellent way to prolong the shelf-life of our breads.  Keeping bread frozen is a natural preservative which prevents mold and staling.  We recommend using your frozen loaf within 6 weeks.

Your pie will stay good for up to 90 days in the freezer. We also recommend baking frozen for the most flaky, mouth watering crust.

There are baking instructions on the inside front panel of your pie box. There are also complete instructions here.

Our breads are made with natural ingredients and without preservatives or dough conditioners which keep bread soft.  Most of our breads are delicious for 4 to 5 days, although they can last longer.  There is a sell-by date on the bag closure.

Yes! We have a whole line of Organic Sourdough. The Pure Rye is 100% Organic. Our Honey Whole Wheat is also made with Organic Flour.

We attend markets several days a week, please click here for a full list of markets.

Beckmann’s Bakery pies,  pastries and cookies are available at our farmers' markets. Select grocery stores throughout the bay area also carry our pies. You can also have pies shipped through our online store.

Bake 7-1 minutes at @ 450 degrees.  For best results don’t cover the bread.  Place it directly on rack or pan and sprinkle it with a little water before

Refrigerating bread can deter mold on bread but it speeds up the staling and drying out of the loaf.  We recommend freezing or storing at room temperature over

When bread ages, the starch hardens and seems dry.  To resoften unsliced bread, sprinkle the crust/surface with water and put in a hot oven for a few minutes.  450 degrees F for  2-5 minutes.  Watch it closely.  Warm bread will taste “fresh” again.  To refresh sliced bread, wrap in foil and reheat to soften.  Do not refresh bread in a

Our Pure Rye is wheat free and made with freshly ground (milled on site) organic rye grain.

We deliver bread every day except Wednesday and Sunday. We also have fresh bread at farmers' markets throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

“Slow rising” refers to the
way bread is fermented.  Our slow-rising doughs have small amounts of leavening (either starters or yeast) and can take between 4 and 14 hours to rise.  Over time the grain breaks down and releases its natural sugars.  This process develops a unique flavor-profile.